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SAGA: A New Nordic Musical

Adapted from historical Icelandic manuscripts, myths and stories, “Saga” reimagines the narrative of the settlement of Iceland in the year 874 AD. When a blood feud results in the loss of their estates, Ingólfur Arnarson (Andrew Munz) and his foster brother Hjörleifur (Mason Marshall) leave Norway to start over in Iceland. Guided by a mysterious seeress named Saga (Elise Mumford), Ingólfur relies on his faith in Norse gods to show him the best path forward, while Hjörleifur and his wife Helga (Rose Linville) choose to make their own fate. Over the course of three years, the settlers endure hardships, violence, and tragedy, as they search for a permanent home.

Bookended by scenes featuring the renowned 16th century scholar and manuscript collector, Árni Magnusson, and told through songs sung in Old Norse and Icelandic, Andrew Munz’s “Saga” is an ambitious new work about the founding of Reykjavík and the importance of storytelling.