Next Up: Comedy Open Mic 2/28 @ 8pm

Everyone has a story to tell and ours begins on stage.

Tumbleweed Creative Arts was formed in April 2023 to support independent artists in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. We believe that original art created by local artists is the bedrock of community culture and wanted to create an organization that not only supported existing artists and their ideas, but also inspired others to tap into their own creative sides.

Pink Garter Teater

Our Space

We intend to utilize our historic theatre space as a venue of creation rather than simply presentation. Our 248-seat Pink Garter Theatre is located just off the Town Square in downtown Jackson. Holding down such prime real estate in support of our local community of artists is incredibly important to us, and we intend to utilize this beloved space as a malleable canvas for original work. Within its walls, we will be actively creating unique presentations and productions, while also operating as a training facility for new artists and performers.

Our Future

The future of local art is bright and Tumbleweed hopes to expand our community’s artistic collective by empowering individuals to tell their own stories however they see fit. Tumbleweeds, after all, evolved to distribute seeds across the landscape, and rather than presenting out-of-town artists, we will grow and cultivate creatives right here at home. I’ll keep rolling alongDeep in my heart is a songHere on the range I belongDrifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds- Bob Nolan, “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”


We support and cultivate local creatives in Jackson Hole by offering unique performance opportunities, an inclusive and accessible venue space, artistic education, and production of consistent, diverse programming.